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"There's no denying the primal charm that comes from a scrolling beat-em-up, and Big Action Mega Fight! achieves this with aplomb."

~ Jennifer Allen (

"Double Stallion is clearly paying homage to a simpler time of gaming. A time when you could tell a man was a real man because he was wearing a cut-off denim jacket and studded leather gloves."

~ Harry Slater (

"After playing until my hands were sore, I have to say that Big Action Mega Fight! is every bit as fun and furious as I remember brawling back in my arcade days."

~ Mariko (

"BAMF! takes everything that was great about early 90s arcade games and delivers it, for free, to your iOS device."

~ Andrew Amato (

"Players who love the classics owe it to themselves to try this out. The obvious arcade influence is a nice way to put a smile on your face and get the adrenaline pumping."

~ Derek C. Tillotson (

"Se você é fã de pancadaria “old school”, aproveite para baixar Big Action Mega Fight grátis para iOS."

~ Thiago Barros (